Discover the Synergy of Body and Soul with Orto Parisi Perfumes

Not all fragrances are crafted equally. Some capture mere essences, while others, like Orto Parisi, grasp the very core of human nature. Inspired by the belief that the most aromatic body parts are those where the soul resides the most, Orto Parisi elevates the art of perfumery to a whole new level.

Alessandro Gualtieri, the mastermind and perfumer behind Orto Parisi, sees our body as a garden—a garden that he has planted, nurtured, and harvested. Gualtieri recognizes that intense scents, the ones that provoke visceral reactions, have often been deemed unpleasant in our contemporary society. Yet, he contends these scents disturb us because they mirror an excess of soul, something our civilization often seeks to repress.

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